Small Business Banter

Moira Were AM Founder Hen House Coop on the incubation of Flock Coop an artist and creator platform built to disrupt the patriarchy.

Episode Summary

This is episode 3 of 4 in the BCCM series on Coops and Mutuals. Flock Coop is a disruptive online platform built to equitably bridge the digital divide for women and non-binary folks. Moira Were AM talks about the reasons for and the process by which Flock was so quickly and successfully incubated for it's artist and creator community.

Episode Notes

@MoiraWere AM is deeply entrenched in the #coop movement. She is currently founder of @Henhousecoop  which incubated @flockcoop.  Her career includes leadership roles in #startups, #businesses and #community orientated organisations. 

Moira received an Australian honour in 2019 (AM) for her significant service to the community of #SouthAustralia. She is passionate about #inclusion, #diversity and alignment with the #SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), bringing this perspective to the development of governance, engagement and reporting for impact.

In this episode we talk about #startingup, why the #coopmodel was so critical in founding #flockcoop and;