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Darrin Johnson CEO on how Kudos Services started as a spunoff State Government department and developed into a thriving employee owned and managed mutual

Episode Summary

This is episode 2 of 4 in the BCCM series on Coops and Mutuals. Darrin Johnson CEO talks about the central role of committed staff in spinning out a State Government department to create Kudos Services and ensure the ongoing delivery of critical community care services.

Episode Notes

@DarrinJohnson   is the #CEO of @KudosServices

Kudos Services is a #disabilityagency that supports around about six and a half thousand children and young people living with a #disability to have an independent life and has expertise in the more complex and of disability.

Darrin is the second guest in a four-episode series on #cooperatives and #mutuals brought to you by @BCCM (Business Council of Cooperatives & Mutuals)

We talk about the heritage of Kudos, its history as a State Government Department, creation of the current employee owned mutual structure (non-distributing, employee-owned not-for-profit) and much more including;